Cinnamon -n- suga’ is my irresistible silky soft coat that sparkles in the moonlight like litl’ stars.

Sweet -n- sassy, snuggly and at times a bit stubborn is how some might describe me but that combined with my many alluring traits are all that of my charm.

And who is this this adorable gal captivating all that make her acquaintance?

This is Ellie, a lovely Texas gal with as many moods as the colors in her radiant fur.

Just recently, this former Houston gal has found her way to Kentucky awaitin’ her furever home. Ellie has arranged transport when her new home/life beacons her. Yes, she is a liberated lady and waits fur no one when her mind is made up!

So, let’s get to know a litl’ more about this intriguing darlin’..

Ellie weighs ‘approximately’ 50 pounds, a real lady never discloses her true weight or age, for that matter, but let’s say while on the subject between 4 and 6 wise -n- wonderful years.

She is healthy, bein’ up to date on all vaccines/preventatives and she is spayed, Ellie is the epitome of perfection or at damn near close (pardon the language, remember she is from Texas and is workin’ diligently on her manners and etiquette). We did disclose she a bit sassy so, honesty is paramount when startin’ a fuever relationship :wink:! Oh, speakin’ of manners, she walks or shall, I say saches with pose and elegance, however, prefers to prance –n- dance -n- play ruff -n- tumble unencumbered. A girl just wants to have fun!

Miss Ellie is, of course housebroken not that there was ever doubt. She loves givin’ kisses as her showin’ gratitude for a good ol’ fashion belly rub. While in the company of other dogs, Ellie doesn’t seem to want to get caught up in semantics but does insist on bein’ the center of attention. After all, it is all it is all about her. That bein’ said this girl wants to be your one -n- only so she can give (and get) all there is fur the takin’. Same goes for small critters and litl’ humans. Respectable and slow intros are best fur all.

If you haven’t already become completely captivated and entranced with Miss Ellie, she insisted I enclose some of her favorite candid shots to tout her multi faceted -n- fascinating personality.

Now, tell her All About You and where she will journey to and finally call her furever home.

Have the scrumptious treats and a cozy bed ready…

Thanks for readin’ bout’ me y’all.

Woof -n- wags


  • Age

    Approximately 5 Years Old

  • Sex

    Female - spayed

  • Vaccines

    Up to Date

  • Microchip


  • House Broken


  • Dog Friendly


  • Kid Friendly

    Untested as of yet